Redex Diesel System Cleaner In Use

How much Redex should I add to my vehicle?

Redex is available in a range of bottle sizes and each is designed to deliver the correct amount to treat 50 litres or one tank of fuel. The Redex “one shot” bottles contain 125ml, which is one “dose” of Redex for a full tank.

Redex Petrol System Cleaner In Use

Can Redex cause any damage to my car?

No. Redex has been carefully developed and extensively tested over many years to ensure it provides all the performance benefits you would expect without causing any damage. Our bottles provide you with a controlled dose, so you can add the right amount easily.

Someone Pouring Redex Petrol Booster

How often should I use Redex?

Redex can be used as often as you like to keep you engine running well. We recommend using a shot in each tank, but you can also use it whenever you notice your MPG dropping or between fill ups.

Redex DPF Cleaner

How often should I use Redex DPF Cleaner?

We recommend that you use Redex DPF Cleaner in every second or third tank of fuel, particularly if you drive short journeys or do a lot of stop/start driving in a city.

Redex Petrol System Cleaner In Use

How do I add Redex to my car?

Simply pour Redex directly into the tank in the same way you add fuel. The bottles have been designed with a long neck which inserts like a fuel pump to make pouring easy.

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My car has Ford Easy Fuel. How do I add Redex to my tank?

All Ford vehicles that are fitted with their easy fuel system come supplied with a funnel to aid refuelling in an emergency. The funnel car normally be found in the boot of the car near the spare wheel. Simply fit the funnel and pour Redex into the tank.

mechanic working on classic car

I have a classic car. Can I use Redex?

Yes, you can use Redex fuel additives in older cars. We’d also recommend you consider using Redex Lead Replacement fuel additive if your car was designed to run on leaded petrol and you now use unleaded fuel.