How to Choose the Right Redex Product for Your Car

Do you want to improve your car’s performance and extend the life of its engine? If you’re yet to benefit from Redex fuel additives, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve devised a flow chart that identifies the right Redex product for your car and engine type, so you can enjoy a better drive.

Petrol, diesel or hybrid, our fuel system additives are compatible with a range of cars, so every driver can benefit from improved engine performance. We also offer products for specific engine and fuel types, including classic cars that need leaded fuel, and diesel engines with a DPF warning light.

Finding the right Redex for your car’s engine is easy. Simply answer the questions in the chart below to find the additive best suited to your car. We’ve even factored in your mileage and how regularly you drive, so you can find the product that offers the best value for money.

You can find out more about each of the products below the chart.




Now that you know which Redex is right for your car, discover more about the products below:

  • Petrol System CleanerDeveloped for petrol engines, our innovative Petrol System Cleaner cleans the fuel injectors of harmful deposits, restoring your car’s performance and extending the life of the engine. Use whenever you fill up with petrol for optimum results.
  • Petrol Advanced Fuel System Cleaner – Our Advanced Fuel System Cleaner will give your car’s fuel injectors an intensive clean, restoring performance and improving the life of the engine. The concentrated formula is developed for those who haven’t used Redex in their car before, or if it’s been a long time since your last dose.
  • Lead Replacement – Designed for classic and vintage engines which use leaded petrol, our Lead Replacement formula maintains engine performance by lubricating valves and protecting them from damage, so you can safely add unleaded petrol to the tank. The bottle provides up to four doses of protection, so you use it each time you fill up.
  • Diesel System Cleaner – Our Diesel System Cleaner is developed to clean diesel fuel systems by removing deposits from the injectors, restoring performance and extending engine life. Add a shot of Redex to your car’s diesel fuel tank regularly optimum performance.
  • Diesel One Shot Boot Pack – Many diesel drivers cover a lot of miles, and our Diesel One Shot Boot Pack is developed just for them. With the added convenience of having four shots of fuel additive in the boot, you can easily maintain a good fuel system cleaning routine.
  • Diesel Advanced Fuel System Cleaner – Our Diesel Advanced Fuel System Cleaner contains a concentrated dose of our innovative fuel additive formula, for an intensive clean that safely removes harmful deposits. Use every 3,000 miles for the best results, or when you’ve never used a diesel fuel system cleaner before.
  • Redex DPF Cleaner with Diesel System Cleaner – If your diesel car has a DPF filter and you do a lot of slow stop-start driving in town, add a shot of Redex DPF Cleaner to the fuel tank to prevent blockages in the filter. Our innovative formula cleans and reactivates the DPF, clearing soot without a costly repair. It also helps soot to burn at a lower temperature, preventing problems from occurring down the road. The additive can also be used when the DPF warning light is on, removing the blockage to help you get on with your day.

For more information on any of the products listed, or to find out more about Redex and our pioneering fuel system technologies, visit the homepage.