What is Diesel System Cleaner?

Redex is the number 1 market leader in UK fuel additives and has been helping cars to drive further since the 1920s. Adding Redex Diesel System Cleaner to your tank regularly can help to keep your car fitter by caring for it inside and increasing fuel economy.

  • Cleans fuel system
  • Reduces emissions
  • Restores performance
  • Improves the life of your engine
  • Suitable for all diesel engines including hybrid

How Much Should I Use?

Each Redex bottle clearly shows how many fuel additive doses it contains on the front label, with easy marking on the side. 1 dose or “shot” is required for the average sized tank at 50Litres.

The precise dosage is 2.5ml of Redex System Cleaner per litre of fuel.

If your tank is larger or smaller, you can still use the recommended dosage with same level of performance being achieved.

What the drivers say…

I have used Redex in my 1.9 diesel Golf for about 3 months. The engine seems quieter and the mpg has gone from 57 mpg to 65 average

Paul, Port Talbot

Over time, as diesel is ignited and consumed by your engine, deposits build up on the fuel injectors making them less efficient. Getting rid of these deposits means diesel will be used more efficiently, keeping you driving and extending the life of your engine.

A maintenance routine is important for keeping your car at its best, whether it’s checking the oil, waxing the paintwork or getting it serviced.

Specially formulated for diesel cars, Redex Diesel System Cleaner fuel additives fit easily into your routine, as you simply pour into the tank with your diesel. Regular use will keep your fuel consumption and emissions low throughout the year, keeping your fuel system in top condition, and making Redex fuel additives the best choice for responsible drivers, every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Redex is available in a range of bottle sizes and each is designed to deliver the correct amount to treat 50 litres or one tank of fuel. The Redex "one shot" bottles contain 125ml, which is one "dose" of Redex for a full tank.

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Over time harmful deposits will build up on your fuel injectors and this will impair the function. When the injectors are clean the fuel sprays in clean jets, but the build up impairs this so the fuel isn't used as efficiently.

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Redex is sold in stores across the UK including national supermarkets and local specialist retailers. You can find out more on our Where to Buy page.

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