What is Redex DPF Cleaner?

Redex DPF Cleaner is a specialist fuel additive that helps to keep particulate filters in diesel engines clean.

Circulating through the fuel system, the product removes blockages in the DPF – switching off the DPF warning light on the dashboard and preventing a trip to the garage.

If you have a modern diesel car, it will most likely have a Diesel Particulate Filter.

It removes soot from the car’s exhaust by trapping it in the filter, but it can become blocked and be expensive to repair.

Redex DPF Cleaner lowers the temperature the soot burns at, meaning it burns away during normal driving without you having to get your engine very hot.

  • Cleans blocked diesel particulate filters
  • Clears soot blockages fast
  • No costly repairs
  • Use every 2-3 tanks or when DPF light comes on

Features and Benefits

Since DPFs were introduced in 2009, diesel car owners have had to adapt their driving and maintenance habits to help keep the system in working order.

Over time, DPFs become clogged with unburnt soot, resulting in a DPF warning light and the potential for engine failure if the filter isn’t cleaned.

Redex DPF Cleaner is designed to reduce the likelihood of DPF clogging, so you can avoid faults and don’t have to take your car for a wasteful faster run just to clear the blockage.

The product lowers the temperature at which soot burns in the engine, meaning fewer harmful particles reach the DPF, and the filter stays clearer for longer.

With diesel prices remaining high, taking your car for a longer, faster run just to clean the DPF could be seen as wasteful, inconvenient, and costly.

You can avoid this hassle by using Redex DPF Cleaner, which helps to keep the filter clean without other preventative measures.

Where to Buy

An essential product for all diesel owners, Redex DPF Cleaner is considered one of the best DPF cleaners on the market – working to protect your engine and prevent frustrating problems.

Our DPF Cleaner is available to buy from most motoring stores and select retailers, and online.

How to Use Redex DPF Cleaner

Redex DPF Cleaner is a fuel additive that can easily be added to your car’s fuel tank.

Thanks to our specially designed bottle, you can add the product directly to your car through the fuel filler cap, where it will mix with diesel and circulate through the system, helping your engine to burn fuel and particles more efficiently.

If you want to maintain your car’s engine and ensure the DPF warning light never comes on, we’d recommend adding a shot of Redex DPF Cleaner to your car with every 2-3 tanks of fuel. Just insert the nozzle into the fuel filler cap and pour – it’s as easy as that.

If you forget to add a regular shot of Redex DPF Cleaner and the warning light comes on, don’t worry: you can use the product to switch it off rather than taking your car for a fast run to clear the blockage.

Just add a shot of DPF Cleaner as normal when you see the warning light and then drive as normal. After a few miles of regular driving, the warning light should switch off.

Frequently Asked Questions:


DPFs get blocked with soot, and the warning light is your first indication that this has happened.

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Your DPF will become blocked when soot builds up in it. To clear it, the soot needs to burn away.

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There are different stages of DPF blockages, and they can be treated differently.

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No. If your car has a DPF, you are not allowed to remove it.

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We recommend that you use Redex DPF Cleaner in every second or third tank of fuel, particularly if you drive short journeys or do a lot of stop/start driving in a city.

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Yes, you can use Redex DPF Cleaner to prevent problems as well as cure them.

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