What is Diesel Booster?

Redex Diesel Booster is a specialist fuel additive that is designed to increase the cetane number of diesel fuel, maximising performance and power delivery. Capable of improving combustion in diesel engines, the product can increase the cetane number by up to two, for optimal performance and fuel economy.

Redex developed Diesel Booster to allow you to increase the cetane level in standard diesel fuel – so you get the benefits of premium diesel without paying the premium price. By increasing your car’s cetane level in this way, you can be sure you’re achieving the best drive that your engine can offer.

  • Increase your cetane number by up to two
  • Improves power and maximises performance
  • Boosts combustion

Features and Benefits

Do you often feel underwhelmed by your car’s performance or fuel economy? Rather than using expensive premium diesel, you can use Redex Diesel Booster to increase cetane levels and enjoy better overall engine performance.

Proven to increase a tank of diesel’s cetane number by two, the product ensures that your car’s engine can combust at the required rate and power level. Normally, this could only be achieved by switching to more expensive premium diesel, but Diesel Power Booster provides the same benefit without the per-litre expense.

Used regularly, Redex Diesel Booster can provide a simple solution for diesel car drivers, giving you the performance-enhancing benefits of added cetane. And to enjoy an even better drive, use Diesel Booster alongside other products in our diesel range, including our Diesel System Cleaner, Diesel Emissions Reducers, and Redex DPF Cleaner.

How it Works

Diesel fuels combust at different speeds depending on the cetane level in the fuel. A higher cetane number means better quality fuel and increased performance; that’s why premium diesel has a higher cetane count than standard variants.

Redex Diesel Booster increases your diesel’s cetane number by up to two, so no matter what you put in your car you can be sure that it is receiving the best. Add to a full tank of diesel and use regularly for best results. Improve your cetane number today with Redex Diesel Power Booster.

Learn more about Redex’s Power Booster products below.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Redex can be used as often as you like to keep you engine running well. We recommend using a shot in each tank, but you can also use it whenever you notice your MPG dropping or between fill ups.

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Over time harmful deposits will build up on your fuel injectors and this will impair the function. When the injectors are clean the fuel sprays in clean jets, but the build up impairs this so the fuel isn't used as efficiently.

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No. Redex has been carefully developed and extensively tested over many years to ensure it provides all the performance benefits you would expect without causing any damage. Our bottles provide you with a controlled dose, so you can add the right amount easily.

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Simply pour Redex directly into the tank in the same way you add fuel. The bottles have been designed with a long neck which inserts like a fuel pump to make pouring easy.

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