What is Redex Diesel Emissions Reducer?

Redex Diesel Emissions Reducer is a specialist fuel additive that works to reduce the amount of harmful emissions your engine produces.

Our super-fast Emissions Reducer product gives a deep clean to lower your emissions, which may help pass your MOT first time.

If your car’s emissions are too high or your warning light is on, it could automatically fail its MOT.

The good news is a single shot of Redex Diesel Emissions Reducer can bring your emissions back into the safe zone, with a super-strength cleaning formula that powers through soot, particles, and deposits to clean your engine, improve its lifespan, and ensure it is burning fuel efficiently.

  • Reduces exhaust emissions fast
  • Can help your car pass its MOT
  • Improves the life of the engine
  • Suitable for use with all diesel engines

Features and Benefits 

Over time as you drive, deposits build up on your injectors and in the fuel system, and this reduces combustion and increases emissions. This is one reason why older cars usually have higher emissions than when they were new.

Redex Emissions Reducer cleans the system and gets rid of the dirt that contributes to higher emissions and reduced fuel economy. This can help to bring your emissions down to the level they should be.

If your car’s failed its MOT on emissions or you’re worried that they’re too high, it could be due to build-up in the fuel system, so using Redex Emissions Reducer could lower them back down.

Please note: Redex Emissions Reducer is intended for older vehicles to help reduce emissions back down to the levels of the car when it was new.

How to Use Redex Emissions Reducer

Redex Emissions Reducer can be used anytime you want to give your car’s engine and fuel system a deep, intensive clean. With regular use, you can keep emissions to a minimum, reducing your car’s environmental impact.

Alternatively, you can use Emissions Reducer as a one-off treatment before your car goes for its MOT. Thanks to its powerful cleaning formula, our product powers through particles, dirt, and deposits to ensure optimum engine efficiency, so you can go into the MOT confident that high emissions aren’t going to stand in the way of a pass mark.

Like all Redex fuel additives, it’s easy to add Emissions Reducer to your car. Thanks to its specially-designed bottle, you can add a shot directly through the fuel filler cap – for a fuss-free and no-mess way to keep emissions to a minimum.

For the best results, we’d recommend adding a shot of Redex Emissions Reducer to your car with every 2-3 tanks of fuel. Use our Standard Petrol or Diesel system cleaners in between shots of Emissions Reducer to maximise performance and efficiency.

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