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Maximise the life of your car with Redex engine oil. Rigorously tested and manufactured to the highest possible standards, our range of fully synthetic and part-synthetic motor oils lubricate and protect to support optimal engine health.

Your car deserves the best, so make sure you always use a premium engine oil as part of its annual service. At Redex, we produce both fully synthetic and part-synthetic oils, bringing you a choice of durable, hard-working engine oil at different price points.

Providing superior protection and outstanding lubrication, Redex oils contribute to improved engine health, longevity and performance. And because they’re tested in real-world conditions like our innovative fuel additives range, you get the same quality you’ve come to expect from Redex.

Not sure which oil is right for your car? Use our oil checker tool to find the product you need using your reg number. To learn more about the Redex oil range, read on for more information and advice.

Premium Fully Synthetic and Part-Synthetic Engine Oils from Redex

Over the last century, we’ve earned a reputation for our durable, high-quality products, as well as our advanced innovations and product development. And this extends to our range of high-performance engine oils, all of which give you the protection and lubrication you need to enjoy a better drive.

There are two types of Redex engine oils to choose from: fully synthetic and part-synthetic. Not sure how these differ? Read our engine oil guide to find out.

Fully synthetic oil is the gold standard, providing outstanding protection and long-lasting lubrication. If you care about your car and the fluids that go in it, this is the product to choose.

The drawback to this premium formula is a higher price point, so if this matters to you, our part-synthetic oils provide a more affordable but no less effective alternative. Whichever you choose, you’ll get the same quality, attention to detail and product refinement that set Redex apart from other engine oil manufacturers.

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Find the Right Engine Oil with Redex

If you’ve ever shopped for engine oil, you’ll know how many products, codes and manufacturers there are to choose from. Add to that a whole range of different price points and finding engine oil for your car can be a problem.

Not so with Redex. Our oil finder tool quickly matches you to the correct oil for your car based on your reg number, removing the guesswork and ensuring you’re using the best oil for your car’s engine.

Whatever car you drive and no matter whether you want to use fully synthetic or part-synthetic, the oil finder presents the best options for your car’s make and model. It also lets you find stockists and retailers, so you can shop around and find the right oil at the right price.

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Engine Oil Guides and Features

The type of engine oil you use in your car matters for all sorts of reasons. It affects the performance, longevity and overall health of your engine, and can impact maintenance and running costs in the long term. That’s why using the right oil for your car is so important.

At Redex, we want all our customers to enjoy a better drive, which is why we devote time to helping you understand things like the different types of engine oil and why they matter. Our engine oil guides and features are testament to this, providing essential advice and practical information to help you choose the very best engine oil for your vehicle.

So, whether you’re looking for engine oil buying advice or tips on how to spot when your oil needs changing, we have a range of guides and resources that can help. Take a look at our select oil guides and features below or visit the Redex blog for further help and advice.

What is the Best Engine Oil for My Car?

Not sure which oil to use in your car? Our guide to engine oil types can help you choose the best product.

Is Your Car Affected by Oil Deposits?

Are oil deposits hampering your engine’s performance? Our guide can show you how to spot the signs.

How to Service Your Car

Servicing your own car is easy when you know how. Our essential guide will show you the ins and outs.

Is Your Car's Engine Damaged?

How do you know if your car’s engine is damaged? Here are some of the signs to look out for…

For a better drive, count on Redex. From our premium engine oils to our innovative fuel additives, our car maintenance products are here to extend the life of your car’s engine. Visit our product page to find out more.